Theatre Record goes digital!

For nearly forty years, Theatre Record has chronicled the British stage through its ongoing cumulation of the reviews of the leading national critics. Published fortnightly, it has established itself as the essential reference for anyone wanting in-depth information on UK productions and their makers from the West End to the Fringe and beyond to regional theatres all over the country. It is read worldwide and treasured by researchers and students, actors and agents, producers and directors, theatregoers and enthusiasts, not least by the critics themselves.

Now for the exciting news! From 2017's Volume XXXVII issue 1 Theatre Record will be made available in either printed or digital form - or both. Either edition can be delivered to individual subscribers for the same rates as 2016's printed version. For as little as a bargain £250 you can have both!

Click on Downloads to view some samples from the digital site.

FAQs for Digital Subscribers

Why digital?

It's easy on the eye and to navigate - the new digital site will be just wonderful.

It's fast - each issue will be dispatched electronically, in fully searchable PDF format, at the moment the print edition goes to the printer.

It's searchable - type in the show or the person you're looking for, and you'll be directed to them at the touch of a button.

It comes with a digital back volume - 2017 digital subscribers will have free access to searchable PDF copies of the 2016 volume.

It will be instantly and cumulatively indexed - no more waiting for the year-end index. Each issue will be indexed by show and personnel credits as it arrives, linking directly with the issue itself.

More research resources

A digital subscription will entitle subscribers to search other unique and valuable material in the Theatre Record electronic archive:

Production Index 1981-2010 - listing thirty years of shows reviewed in the journal, by title, fully searchable.

Theatre Index 1981 - all the existing annual indexes will become available for searches on line, with the 2012-2016 indexes added as they become available during the year.

Full Theatre Listings - digital subscribers will have access to to Theatre Record's unique and extensive listings of current and forthcoming productions in and out of London, giving theatre, opening date and press contact information. Space does not permit us to put all these shows in the printed edition, but on-line users will be able to find all the listings information that we receive, updated as we receive it.

Access to back volumes - all thirty-five past volumes of Theatre Record have been digitally scanned and will in due course be available through the journal's new website. As an opening bonus, subscribers to the new digital edition will be able to download free electronic facsimiles of the first three volumes of what was originally London Theatre Record, those for 1981, 1982 and 1983, which are no longer available in printed form.